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Clinical Massage Therapy - Our specialty at Evolve Spa

Clinical massage therapy is a form of massage therapy focusing on medical issues and pain relief. Clinical massage therapy involves understanding, assessing and treating over 70 conditions and  detailed treatment plan to help relieve symptoms.


1.  Swedish Massage Therapy 
This European technique is geared for relaxation. Combining effleurage (long, sweeping strokes), kneading, vibration, pressure, and other manipulation techniques and slow movement, it is gentle and soothing, and leaves you more comfortable and relaxed, ready for a good night’s sleep or dinner with friends. It targets fatigue, nervous tension, and brain exhaustion. It’s the perfect massage for anyone who likes a light touch—which, surprisingly, includes many muscle-bound, iron-pumping folks.
2. Deep Tissue/Sports Massage Therapy
 This massage falls in the category of therapeutic massages, and is used to treat both acute and chronic problems. It alleviates soreness and stiffness in the muscle tissues, joints, and tendons, and increases flexibility and circulation. The best part is that the therapist provides the relief, but you get to call the shots about how deep you want the pressure to be. It is usually a full-body massage, but be sure to communicate with your therapist about areas that are screaming out for special attention. A tuned-in therapist will find them, so you can fall asleep if you wish to, and you will wake up with your tissues attended to.
 Inspired by centuries-old traditional Native American medicine modalities, this relative newcomer to the modern massage world has quickly caught on around the globe. There are many variants, but the basic treatment involves deep, penetrating heat that is applied with heated stones, often alternated with chilled stones. Spa aficionados swear by it and skip off the massage table feeling balanced and relaxed. It is a full body massage that is like the Red Cross for tense muscles, aching joints, and an overwhelmed mind and spirit.
4. Anti-Stress Massage 
It’s quick and efficient, and it’s a fave of jetlagged travelers and folks who have spent too many hours in the office. It generally focuses on the neck, shoulders, and back, and it’s a balm for sore, achy, and tense muscles.
 Reiki is actually an ancient method for channeling energy. The practitioner’s hands are placed on the body in special patterns, allowing blocked channels to open up and vital, universal energy to flow through. This is a non-invasive, gentle treatment that emphasizes touch rather than penetration. It is a spiritual treatment, and doesn’t involve traditional massage strokes. It is geared toward relieving pain, reducing stress, and aiding the healing process for physical and emotional injuries and difficulties. Reiki means “universal life force,” and it can be likened, in the Western world, to “laying on of hands.” Evolve Spa has we Reiki  practitioners and one Reiki Master on staff to provide the most relaxing body work available.
6. Reflexology
 Its underlying philosophy is that all things are connected, especially the hands and feet to the organs and structural areas of the body. By working the reflex points in the members, the entire system reaps the benefits. It revitalizes and relaxes the whole body, while concentrating on areas that need special attention. The treatment is said to emanate from Pharaonic Egypt, and we know what magicians those ancient Egyptians were!
7. Aromatherapy
  As the practitioner uses essential and fragrant oils of plants, flowers, and herbs, the body rejuvenates and is restored to harmony and balance. Many travelers chose this therapy to overcome jetlag and acclimate to high altitudes. Add aromatherapy to any massage $10
8. Neuromuscular
 is not recommended as a first-time treatment and is a deep, powerful, penetrating massage that relieves both acute and chronic pain caused by over-worked muscles and injury. If you enjoy Swedish massage, this is not the service you should ask for.
9. Lymphatic
Where there’s life, there’s lymph—and this lymphatic drainage helps to activate the body’s natural immune system by eliminating toxins.
A general note about massage treatments: In music, art, teaching, or most other professions, an excellent practitioner brings his or her own skills and adaptations to the work.
The same is true of massage therapists. Many of the inspired ones bring their own flair to the massage table, so you may find variations that will surprise and delight you. Evolve Spa has 8 massage therapist on staff that bring the creativity of massage to new levels. Come see for yourself the  Evolve Spa difference and why it has been called the BEST MASSAGE IN New Buffalo, HARBOR COUNTRY and southwest Michigan!
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