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Evolve Spa -Massage Therapy Price Listings 

Swedish Massage/Relaxation Massage- A Evolve day spa favorite
A hands on full body massage, the massage therapist uses light to medium pressure. Relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, increases serotonin levels, improves muscle tone and promotes total mind and body relaxation.
30/60/90/120 minutes     $50/$75/$110/$150

Deep Tissue Massage
A medium to firm pressure massage. Helps alleviate pain, muscle spasms, postural imbalances, inflammation and tissue damage. Great for athletes or anyone with soft tissue problems that produce discomfort or pain.
30/60/90/120 minutes      $55/$85/$120/$170

Couples Massage Therapy
Perfect way to start or end your stay in Southwestern Michigan. The Evolve Spa couples massage is available during  Private evening or morning appointments available at our spa location. Please give us extra time to make special arrangements for you, so please book this appointment early.  Make the treatment extra special by adding  champagne at market price. We would be happy to give you suggestions for a romantic dinner in Harbor Country, southwest Michigan, for after your massage at your request.

Couples Massage- Swedish -$175 60 MINUTES/$234 90 MINUTES  per couple
Couples Deep Tissue               $195 60 MINUTES/$255 90 MINUTES per couple
Couples Hot Stone                    $195 60 MINUTES/$255 90 MINUTES per couple

Clinical Massage Therapy -
This 20 minute massage is a very specific treatment for one body part that is causing you specific pain. Whether you have just had surgery, slept wrong and have neck pain or a back, shoulder, calf pain, ITBand issue because you are a runner, we will address that condition through a very specific protocol and have you leave here with little or no pain.

20 minute treatment $50
60 minute treatment $100

Master Therapist Massage
This massage is scheduled with a MASTER CLINICAL MASSAGE THERAPIST An EVOLVE SPA master clinical massage therapist has attended a National Clinical Massage School and is trained to treat specific condition of the body through clinical assessments. Please ask for a MASTER clinical massage therapist when making  this appointment. ASK FOR RUTA OR ANDREW.

60/90 minutes $100/$140
Hot Stone Massage Therapy
Penetrating heat from smooth oiled and warmed stones from the beaches of Harbor Country, Lake Michigan are used to relieve tense muscles and sore joints. Evolve Spa Massage therapist combines the use Swedish techniques, this creates an unforgettable, thoroughly relaxing experience. Relax as the warmth and pressure from a smooth stone reduces stress and tension from both muscles and mind. Hot Stone Massage is particularly helpful for poor circulation and arthritis pain, as well as back pain, insomnia & MS.

60/90 minutes                  $85/$120

 Sports Massage Therapy
An excellent massage for Harbor Country athletes whether you bike, run or weight-lift at the local gym. This treatment includes
stretching and compression techniques. Rehabilitates soft tissue dysfunction that can result from physical labor, running, lifting, golfing, biking or other sports related injuries. Promotes flexibility, reduces swelling, relieves muscle tension and alleviates muscle fatigue. But most importantly improves your performance!

30/60 minutes                   $55/$85
Pre-natal Massage Therapy
A gentle massage geared to relieve the muscle cramps, fluid retention, spasms and pain often encountered in the lower back, neck, shoulders, hips and legs during pregnancy. Safe semi-reclined and side laying positioning with body pillows to promote relaxation and extra comfort for the mom-to-be.Ease through pregnancy with a prenatal massage, designed to relieve the aches, pains and stress of a mom-to-be.

60/90 minutes                     $50/$75/$110
Indian Head Massage
The head is the crown of the body, the epicenter of all thought, action and life. Despite this, most bodywork therapies overlook the benefits of a soothing head rub.Head massage, however, has always played a pivotal role in Indian life and was featured in early Ayurvedic texts that date back nearly 4,000 years. A concoction of warm oil and spices massaged in slow strokes over the scalp, accounted for an Indian woman's long, lustrous hair, a feature that brought her much admiration in social circles. Even today, in many parts of India this ancient massage technique is still an integral part of a woman's grooming routine - but having progressed beyond the aesthetic and superficial, it is now revered as the therapy of the future, one that can help clients effectively battle the rigors of modern living, even in Southwestern Michigan.

45 minutes                          $75

Massage based around a system of points in the hands and feet, thought to correspond, or REFLEX to all areas of the body.

30/60 minutes                             $55/$85


Reiki or Reiki-massage
A deeply relaxing energy treatment that balances your chakra system to promote relaxation, healing and boost the immune system. Reiki treatments are performed by our resident Reiki Master and Clinical Massage therapist. This treatment is wonderful for individuals with compromised immune systems, fibromyalgia or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Clothes can be left on during a Reiki treatment. This treatment is guaranteed to improve your mind, body and soul.

30/60/90 minutes                  $50/$75/$110


Consider this therapy as a needle free therapy, a reverse massage. Skin is lifted through suction, bringing blood to the surface and improving circulation. Cupping treatment benefits the lungs, treating coughs and asthma, and combats pain in multiple areas of the body.  Expect some painless discoloration on the skin.
30/60/90 minutes                   $50/$75/$110


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