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EVOLVE SPA MASSAGE New Buffalo, Michigan

November 2011

11% off all EVOLVE SPA services on Friday11/11/11

11% off at EVOLVE SPA on 11/11/11
11/11/11 doesn't  come around very often, in order to celebrate this unique day, EVOLVE SPA in New Buffalo is offering 11% off of all spa services on Friday, 11/11/11ONLY. This is on a first come, first serve basis, once the appointments are gone so is this great deal. Please remember this is offer is also good on any holiday gift certificate purchase or spa packages purchased OR used on 11/11/11.*
11/11/11 ONLY
1 hour massage (swedish) = $66.75  (reg $75)
90 minute (swedish) = $89.00  (reg $100)
1 hour DEEP Tissue =  $75.65  (reg  $85)
90 minute DEEP Tissue = $97.90 (reg $110)
AUTUMN DASH Special  = $105.91 (reg $119)
30 minute massage = $40  (reg $45)
Please call us on 11/11/11 to purchase a gift certificate by phone, please make your 11/11/11 reservations starting today for spa services on 11/11/11.
*5 ($375) pack and 10 ($750) pack massage package are excluded because the are already a fantastic bargain with a free massages as a benefit

Evolve Spa introduces Hot Sea Shell Massage

Sea Shell Massage at Evolve Spa in New Buffalo
Seashells have long been sacred, revered and highly valued items. They once served as currency in Asia and Africa, are still used for decorative purposes, and have sacred associations with the Hindu god Vishnu and Venus (among many others).

Our physical bodies are composed of 70% water (up to 90% for children). It is no surprise then that we are greatly influenced by the water element.

The oceans cover 70-80% of the surface of the Earth and it is the shells? association with these bodies of water that allows them to resonate with water in the body.

On a subtle-energetic level shells are powerful healing tools for both the physical and etheric body.

Shells contain the essence of the powerful yet subtle energies of the oceans. Their resonance facilitates awareness of our nature and brings harmony.

They help us become aware that we are part of the same stream of life - built of the same elements as air, water, rock. Seashell Healing and What Happens During a TreatmentSeashell Healing uses channelled energy in conjunction with seashells to offer a truly beneficial treatment.

This treatment is done with placing natural seashells are  on the body at specific points such as the charkas, meridians and key energy centres. We incorporate the use of our hands and alternate with shells for a unique massage experience.

Energy is then channelled into the body in a manner similar to Reiki or Sekhem. It works on many levels simultaneously; physical, mental, emotional and the subtle spiritual bodies What are the Benefits of Seashell Healing?Seashell Healing is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience.

There are numerous physical and emotional benefits associated with Seashell Healing:
  • Eliminates deep-seated pains, traumas and congested energy
  • Helps clear inappropriate childhood programming returning us to the memory pattern of natural harmony
  • Improves our feeling of aliveness by bringing us more fully into the present
  • Assists in manifesting our goals and holding on to our visions and dreams
  • A deeply relaxing experience
  • Expands consciousness helping us to open up to different levels and new understandings
Hot Sea Shell  Massage is not only unique, it is a fun, and therapeutic experience, your therapist will place special heated Sea Shells on key muscles of your body to provide deep, penetrating, relaxation and therapy.   Other heated shells  will be used to massage the rest of your body in a warm, flowing massage! Unlike hot stones, the texture of the shells provides a very mild exfoliation and incredible sensations!
We are currently running a special on Sea Shell Massage at Evolve Spa, as an introduction to this new treatment. One Hour is $75 for a limited time only thru December 31, 2011.
Please make a reservation .  .
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